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Multinational Multidomestic Services

To gain global presence and acceptance, many companies have adopted a multidomestic business strategy, investing in customizing their products and services to suit new cultures, adapting to a particular country.

While this practice was more common among the food and beverage industry, every day more and more companies are turning to this business model, taking their original products and services and transforming them to meet the expectations and requirements of many regions around the world. If you are looking to establish subsidiaries of your business to operate as autonomous bodies from headquarters around the world, feel free to contact us and let our expert consultants guide you through the process so that you can succeed no matter where you are located. We will help your business; brand, products and services expand across borders.

Over time, we have positioned ourselves in the market as one of the leading global business service providers worldwide. We serve a wide variety of industries and are always looking to create new partnerships with new business models.

Outsourcing BPO / BACK OFFICE services with NEW HUMAN ENERGY comes with great benefits!

By outsourcing your BPO services to us, you will save money that can be better invested in other aspects of your core business.

You will gain access to cutting-edge technology, innovative tools and a new approach to new business strategies - we will complement your existing operational tools!

We will provide you with experts in any field in which you need assistance to increase productivity. Our team of professionals is highly qualified to support any business task. Our experts are continuously learning and preparing themselves with knowledge in new technologies and business processes.

8 strategic steps - Developing a successful business process

1. Gather your corporate teams and review your current business processes by department.

2. Sit down with your company's leaders and define your business objectives, both overall and by department.

3. Draw a list of all business work tasks and identify efficiencies that can be corrected with automation.

4. Discuss the structure of your business and map your processes for both the entire company and for each department.

5. Select your Process Managers and assign them process tasks. Review every detail of each process with the assigned leader.

6. Before you start implementing a new process, be sure to test it to make sure it will help generate the expected results to meet your business objectives

7. When implementing a new set of processes, evaluate the overall success and results to measure business value.

8. The implementation of processes will always be in continuous improvement, since it will have to adapt to new technologies and business trends adopted by the company.

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